IMG_7087 E litter 220 DAHLMANN FOOTER

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menubar2 newdahl E litter 231 IMG_8198 IMG_1607 19875583_1592303940781843_6480700094058603381_n 19800903_1411861648891083_1572325267208522496_o 19959415_1592303827448521_3434008054824949659_n IMG_3420 IMG_2128 IMG_1741 H Litter 10 IMG_2101 DSC_7653 -1 IMG_3510 19577193_1583493758329528_3681702386430507379_o 19961316_1592303624115208_1379793877654538500_n 27982905_1617247748352471_2574191137521044686_o DSC_7789 -1 19875561_1592303860781851_2048928903158415963_n IMG_1738 IMG_1710 2016-01-24 16.52.34 6df536d6-dc87-490a-9790-5df9a067ff27 IMG_7293 IMG_7289 IMG_0558 IMG_8667 pups 6 days old

We planning to have a new litter August/September 2020 if you are interested in a Dahlmann Puppy please contact us to add your name to our waiting list.

IMG_8656 IMG_8653 IMG_8611 dsc_0753 -1 IMG_1746 Jan to Jun 2020 036